About us

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Mongol Textile JSC Introduction

Our company established in 1934 and has been operating on the site of the first mechanized manufactory of the Mongolian wool processing industry. We have continuously worked for 86 years. We dye wool and cashmere, spin, weave and knit and complete processing with main workshops and laboratories step by step to create a finished product. The company produces more than 200 types of textile products such as fine and coarse wool, yak wool, camel wool, cashmere, blankets, cloth, drapery, plaids, towels, shawls, scarves, hats, pants, shirts and coats.


The spinning manufactory has complete spinning machinery from KYOWA and MURATEC factories, technology made in Japan. The manufactory has mixing, dyeing, combing, spinning, wrapping, laminating and twisting lines and has a production capacity of 70,000 kg of yarn per year.


In 2018, we started to produce finished products and expanded our production activities by adding a spinning manufactory. The spinning manufactory goes through 18 step process to create the finished product and equipped with the German-made STOLL and Italian-made COMPLETE machinery with state-of-the-art technology. 

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