The weaving has several key operations in the production of fabrics. 

The first step is the basic thread winding operation, which is to wind the yarn on the tube. During this process, the lamella and shaft are hung on the frame of the loom, and the core with the base thread is placed behind it. Two people, the threader and the embroiderer work on the frame. The threader inserts the hook needle of the needle through the hole of the lamella held by the thread feeder after the shaft, and weaving is done according to this principle.

The next stage is the weaving process, two distinct sets of yarns or threads - called the warp and weft - are interlaced with each other at right angles to form a fabric. The woven fabrics are produced by bending the yarns of two systems perpendicular to each other on the basic loom machine according to the drawing of the pattern. 

After the fabrics are woven, a quality check is performed on the raw fabric coming off the basic loom machine. This includes measuring, repairing any damage, and cleaning the fabric before it is transferred to the finishing workshop.

In the finishing processing stage, various chemical and mechanical operations are performed on the raw woven fabric to create the appearance, surface uniformity, and quality without losing the properties of the raw material. Fabric dyeing and surface processing conditions are carried out according to established procedures, depending on the raw material.

The fabrics are soaked, shrunk, steamed, ironed, brushed, and sheared to make them strong, durable, heat-retaining, water-resistant, shrink-free, wrinkle-free, and flexible.

Finally, the finished fabrics are checked according to national standards, and their quality grade is determined. They are then packaged, labelled, and prepared for sale in the quality control (final finished product) stage.

Fabric manufacturing takes great care and precision in every step of the production process to produce high-quality woven fabrics that meet the needs of both domestic and international customers.

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